Despite being a community office we have maintained robust links with Queen’s University and are also involved in projects which cross over with academic institution  in Toronto.


CONGRATULATIONS to Dr Sahil Koppikar for winning the Gold Practice reflection CRA award for his work carried out in our office in 2016. This is our third consecutive Gold award.

Sahil is presenting his work at the 2017 CRA AGM





I am currently  President of the Ontario Rheumatology Association


Models of Care

Since 1996 we have explored the models of care which provide the best care to patients when resources are limited. In 2015 we stareted our first course aiming to increase the overall knowledge of management of rheumatic diseases across our community and we are now planning our third for 2017.


Access to Care

Rheumatic diseases are more prevalent and often more severe in Aboriginal patients. Many remote communities face unique challenges in terms of access to rheumatologists and to appropriate treatment. We are committed to developing effective models of care for Indigenous patients.

We have been meeting successfully with the NIHB program to review the LU criteria and process of accessing biologic medication  for Aboriginal patients. Here is our latest newsletter (pdf)


Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Ultrasound is becoming an important tool in the assessment and diagnosis of rheumatic diseases.

See the EULAR recommendations for the use of imaging of the joints in patients with RA

I have completed the Canadian Rheumatology Ultrasound Society course, and now offer ultrasound assessment of disease activity and damage in patients with inflammatory joint disease. We have recently developed and successfully run a course on sonoanatomy at Queen’s University


Electronic Medical Records

I have a longstanding interest in the development of medical databases and electronic medical  records (EMR). I have collected robust outcome data since 1996 on all patients seen in clinic.  I am working with the Ontario Rheumatology Association on their Ministry approved project to improve the uptake and efficacy of EMRs by specialists, and to develop additional tools for clinicians and patients to improve their care. We are currently engaged in active research on how to improve patient safety and outcomes by optimizing the collection of data. I Chair the ORA informatics committee



I have a long standing interest in outcome assessment. For several years we have been developing tools to assist in the decision making process when assessing patients with inflammatory joint disease. We have been performing research to validate these assessment tools and to evaluate their role in managing patients and some of this work was presented at the Canadian Rheumatology Association Meeting in 2014

In addition we have developed some tools to help follow up gout  – these forms are in an early stage and all feedback to improve their utility is useful


Medical Education

We are pleased to announce that Dr Averns is the recipient of the 2015 Canadian Rheumatology Association Innovation in Education award. Details to follow in February.

I have held a number of posts both in the UK and Canada, including Honorary Senior Lecturer  and Assistant Dean roles in the UK,, and Director of Clinical Skills at Queens University. We continue to offer opportunities to residents and students who wish to expand their experience in caring for patients with rheumatic diseases. In 2015 we will be opening our new education room – a resource for local HCPs wishing to learn more about rheumatology



I would like to thank all of my patients who kindly took part in our research on the effects of anti-inflammatory medication on cardiac conduction. This research has now been accepted for publication.

Click here for the Manuscript (PDF)


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