Contacting us for patients

You are welcome to e mail us about appointments:

For appointment questions and prescriptions e mail:

Make sure you include your name, DOB, current appointment time, and what you are asking to change

You are welcome to e mail us about new medical problems related to your condition:

For clinical problems e mail Caroline at:

But please be courteous and reasonable. None of our staff are sitting around doing nothing. We simply cannot respond to some of the demands to “call me back today” , or “I demand that you get back to me within the hour “ etc, because we get at least 40 e mails and calls  per day needing to be answered. If you feel you need a service that can respond to you sooner than three days we may not be the best office for you, and you are able to ask your family doctor to refer you elsewhere.

Leaving three messages about the same problem will not get an answer faster. It will simply take us more time and delay the response.

Leaving rude or insulting messages is surprisingly common and is an effective rapid way to end our therapeutic relationship.


To enable us to fax a prescription we will need:

1. The name of your pharmacy

2. For each drug requested please specify

  • Name
  • Strength (the number eg 20 mg)
  • Frequency (eg weekly, twice a day)

3. Put prescription in the subject line

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