Preparing for your Appointment


Please bring an up to date list of ALL of your medication to every visit

Please remember to bring your Health Card – we cannot see patients without a valid up to date card!

Please understand that whilst you will always see Dr Averns, you will also be assessed by other members of the team including our Arthritis Society therapists, Rheumatology Fellows (trainees) and Family Medicine Residents – this is how we develop the ability to see new patients sooner. SO YOU ARE MOST LIKELY TO BE INITIALLY ASSESSED BY ANOTHER MEMBER OF THE TEAM, BUT YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A SPECIALIST ASSESSMENT TOO .


Why do I have to fill out that form every time I come to clinic?

We are meticulous about data collection, and our practice is involved in a number of important research projects.  As such we collect a lot of information about outcome in various musculoskeletal diseases, which we believe will be useful to inform better care in the future.



Patients attending for New appointments

These forms are a valuable aid in collecting the appropriate information to help guide treatment, and to provide  baseline information.

Please complete the webform available at this link . After submitting you will have the option of printing a pdf copy for your records. [This site is secured by Geotrust to protect your data. Once you are under our care we will give you a password for future submissions.]



Patients attending for Review Appointments

For patients with Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis, we  collect core data a minimum of three times per year.

If you wish to prepare this data prior to your appointment you can access a form  at this link.


Patients on Disease Modifying Drugs and or Biologic Medication

Have you noticed at your appointments how quickly you and your doctor lose track of previous medication, the dates you took it,  and the reason for stopping? This information is essential when making applications through Provincial programs and Drug Plans.

The DMARD and Biologic History Tool is a useful way of recording the information, and you should aim to complete this annually.



The Medication Safety Tool is an important record for patients and health care providers to ensure we have all the data needed to use medication safely. We consider this a shared responsibility and encourage patients to help us keep the medical records complete



Patients with Gout (new or review)

Please complete our Gout Review form before every appointment and before every change in dose of your gout medication.

Either print or email it to us at Use the e mail button (not the submit button)