MOC Programme Description and Resources

This page will gradually become populated with resources useful to all members of the healthcare Team




Session # 1: September 27 2016

  • Introduction and discussion of session objectives
  • Diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis with emphasis on RA and PsA
  • Who should be seen in secondary care
  • Overview of DMARDs and Biologic drug use with emphasis on the role of primary care and pharmacists in sharing the care
  • Examination of the hands

Resources- Combined Rheumors information for patients

Introductory slides (pdf)  QuarryMOC

Preparation- Please bring along any case vignettes to discuss diagnostic challenges


Session #2: October  262016

a)     Gout

  • Common mistakes in management and review of new therapies

b) Complementary therapies - I cannot currently post this presentation owing to copyright issues

Resources- Gout (sl bigger than the presentation!)


2013 review gout criteria(1)

annals gout managment


Additional resources




Session #3: November 2016

  • Examination of the MSK
  • Review of Seronegative Arthropathies
  • Biosimilars



Session #4: December 10th, 2015

to be defined