Research Project – Patient Generated Data

You are on this page because you  have been invited, and are interested in taking part in our project looking at the role of patient-generated data.The project is limited to patients on appropriate medication who are followed in this office


The key questions we are asking are:

  1. Are patients able to navigate the internet, find forms, and submit their answers?
  2. Is the information collected useful in terms of efficiently running a rheumatology office
  3. Is there the potential to improve the safety of certain medication
  4. Does this help patients improve their own self-efficacy?

This project has been reviewed by the Queen’s Ethics Review Board.

When we collect data for the project they will all be anonymized. There will be a future survey-monkey based questionnaire to help us learn more about the process.



These are the two forms we are currently reviewing. Please complete EACH form and submit it to us….Important: if you do not know the answer this is useful for us to know so don’t feel bad!

Complete the  Medication Safety Tool  once per year

Complete the DMARD and Biologic History Tool annually.


AFTER you have completed the forms please complete this survey:

Press this link to get to the survey