First Visit Form

Only complete this form if this will be your first visit. All other patients need to use THIS FORM for review patients.

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Part 1 - Personal Details

Part 2 - Medical Information

Medical History - please check any of the following specific conditions you have had in the past or still have. We will discuss these at your appointment.
Smoking and alcohol
Drug allergies
Previous surgeries

Part 3 - Symptoms and function

Dressing and Grooming

Over the past week...


Over the past week...


Over the past week...


Over the past week...


Over the past week...


Over the past week...


Over the past week...


Over the past week...
Please check any aids or devices that you usually use for any of these activities
Please check any categories for which you need help from another person.
List aids and devices you usually use for any of these activities.

Compared to 6 months ago, is your ability to manage aspects of daily life

Function is...
How long (in minutes) does your morning stiffness last from the time you wake up? (0 is no stiffness, 120 is 2+ Hours)
How do you rate your pain on a scale of 10 (in the last 7 days)? 0 is no pain, 10 is the worst pain you can imagine.
How do you rate your fatigue on a scale of 10 (in the last 7 days)? 0 is no fatigue, 10 is the worst fatigue you can imagine.
How active has your arthritis been in the LAST 24 HOURS? Zero is NOT active, 10 is the most active it could ever be.

Part 4 - Patient Agreement

I ,
confirm that I have read the patient information and practice policy handout or website information

I agree to take responsibility for my own health and be an active partner in my own healthcare

I agree to attend all appointments, treatment schedules and consultations as requested by my physician

I understand and agree to the policies of this practice, specifically:

I understand that I will be asked to complete online patient forms before every visit.
I am aware that there are fees associated with some uninsured services and I am responsible for paying these (e.g. sick note, disability forms, insurance forms and medical reports)
I understand that it is NEVER acceptable to verbally or physically abuse any clinic staff and that such behaviour will lead to immediate termination of the physician-patient relationship.
I understand and agree to the principles of this practice. If I am unable to follow these principles, I am aware I may be discharged from the practice.